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How do I find out if my father had a will or if there is a probate hearing?

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I am 24, the first and oldest child surviving my father. My father was a pilot for Southwest Airlines and has 3 other biological children. He passed away May 25th of this year. My stepmother is under investigation for the death of my father and I do believe she is guilty. Since his death she has had full rights to his SS and his life insurance policy along with everything else. My other brother and sisters are under the age of 13 and have no say so or knowledge as do I . I need some guidance please. I live 4 hours away and am not on speaking terms with his surviving wife of course. I would like to know what I should do and how I can find out if my father had a will or when a probate hearing will be held. How do I do this? Please help, thank you.

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One way to find out if he had a will is to contact the clerk of court in the county where he resided at the time of his death. Wills are handled in the probate division and the probate process is public. They may even have the information available online. If his estate is being probated you can contact the attorney who will update you if you are a beneficiary and may be able to inform you If your stepmother is going to be prosecuted. After you have this information, you should contact a local attorney to protect your rights.

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