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How do i find out if my criminal record is sealed in new york?

Auburn Hills, MI |

my friend is 21 one now and lives in michigan but when he was in new york he gained a criminal record under a juvenile deliquentency case meaning as a minor but he now resides in michigan but has no way of getting in contact with the new york court district i do not know their information but but i want to know if there is any way if i can find out if my case is sealed in new york and how could i go about getting a background check for myself and if it would cost anything

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Ideally, you should do background checks in both Michigan AND New York, to see if the charge comes up. Yes, you will have to pay fees to get these records. In Michigan, you will have to pay to get fingerprinted, then you will have to provide these fingerprints to the Michigan State Police, along with a fee for them to process a criminal background check on you. You should also contact a New York-area criminal defense attorney to confirm how the process is done in New York.


Although you can do this yourself, you can also hire a reputable private investigator to look into your record. They are often not as expensive as you might imagine.

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