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How do i find out if i'm being served papers for something?

Sabattus, ME |

i have done nothing wrong that i am aware of but i do know that about 5 years ago i had a 500 dollar limit on a credit card that i din't pay

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A service processor will show up at your door, ask for you and throw some papers at you summoning you to court. And then run away in case you get angry. Really.

Odds are, nothing will happen with a delinquent $500 debt. It's not worth anybody's time to go after it. Check the laws of your state to see if it can even be collected through a judicial process; the statute of limitations may have run.

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A process server or sheriff will come to your door, or if you are unable to locate they can serve you by other means in some states. I would pull a credit report at to see if the debt is still reporting or if it was charged. It may be worth it for a debt collector to pursue because of the interest that has accumulated over time or it might not be. When you default on a credit card interest, penalties, etc. accumulate so the debt may become bigger. You can also do a search in your local county if there is a website for the clerk of courts and check online in some cases for you name. Probably the credit report is your best bet first. Hope this helps.

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There would be no point in serving you with legal papers unless & until papers are filed with the court.

Check the records at your local court to see if you are named in any lawsuits. Many courts now post the court records online, so you may not even have to leave home to find them.

In many states, there is a higher court & a lower court where the lawsuit could appear. Just to be on the safe side, check with both. I wouldn't rely on a credit report for this important information - it usually takes at least 3 months for them to get information about lawsuits & other public records.

Hope this perspective helps!


You can call the Sheriff's office, civil division, in Auburn, 784-1262, and ask them if they are trying to serve you with papers, or just wait until the sheriff shows up. You may be a witness to some accident or event and may be served a subpoena to testify or show up in Court, rather than being sued

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