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How do I find out if I am the beneficiary of my father's property he died in December and I am his only child he was not married

Traverse City, MI |

my father on any rental properties and equipment & vehicles he was divorce from his wife but they live together but I am his only son-and I'm not being told anything

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You need to know at least two things: 1) How your father's assets were titled, (which you can probably check online, in some cases); and 2) whether or not your father left any estate planning. The easiest thing to do would be to ask your father's ex. If you cannot do that, I would try to do a little digging or have an attorney help you to do so. If there are assets in your father's name alone, probate will likely be needed. When that happens, you would be entitled to notice, even if there is a Will or Trust that excludes you.

James Frederick

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how would i go about looking for titles with his name?

James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick


Check the register of deeds website for your county. If they do not let you search online, go to their office and get a copy of any deeds in your father's name. They will charge something like a $1 or 2 for each copy. That will give you a start and an idea of how he held title to at least some of his major assets.


I agree with Mr. Frederick. You should have some idea of at least some of your Fr.'s assets. If you look online, you may learn the assets are still in his name or that he has transferred them into the name of someone else. You can use what you learn online to help you with other searches. The lawyer may be of some assistance.
Best of luck.

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