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How do I find out if charges are pending against me for altering a prescription?

Independence, MO |

Doctor & nurse work together in a hospital. Doctor gives a prescription for vicodin? Nurse altered refills. DR spoke with nurse and isn't filling charges. How do I find out if the pharmacy will file charges?

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The best way is to have your attorney do it, through confidential sources. Almost every time that I go to the prosecutors office, I see people there who are inquiring about whether charges are going to be filed against them, or the status of charges. That is a huge mistake, as it alerts the prosecutors office to the situation or that they may have statute of limitations issues. It also prompts action on cases that may be quietly sitting on a prosecutors desk, simply getting older and less dangerous. Lastly, it brings potential defendants into contact with prosecutors, often resulting in incriminating statements that can make a prosecution, or make it worse. Let a professional handle things, without all of the dangers.


Mr. Brewer is correct. We have all seen many cases in which people wishing to avoid legal fees try to work things out on their own and get into more trouble than if they had done nothing. I have doubts about whether the doctor in your case will not make a complaint. The doctor's own license may be jeopardized if the doctor allows presriptions to be altered and does not complain. Of course, the doctor may have his or her own reasons for not reporting a crime. You should obtain qualified local counsel to make discrete inquiries regarding this matter.

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