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How do i find out how to respond to a ex parte restraining order in WA courts.

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Review the ex parte order very carefully for the next hearing date ("return" or "show cause" hearing). There may also be instructions regarding when a response and reply may be due to the court.

Next, go to the Washington Courts website at and review the local rules regarding ex parte motions in the court that issued the restraining order. You should also review the specific statutes regarding restraining orders. Search the website for the Revised Code of Washington for the statutes, or RCWs. That website is

Be sure to comply with all court rules regarding page limits, deadlines, service on the court and other party, and format. You should certainly meet with a lawyer in the county the restraining order was filed.



i just need to know the fourm i need to file im allmost out of time. can i use the ca resounce fourm its the only one i can find?


The order has already been issued. There should be a subsequent court date in which you appear to provide your defense. I really would recommend obtaining an attorney in your state to defend yourself in this.

I am only licensed in Arkansas. No part of this answer should be construed as creating an attorney client relationship.


File a declaration in response. The ex parte order will come with a hearing date, usually in about two weeks, where you will get to give your side of the story. Hire an attorney immediately, or at least have one help you draft your declaration. A declaration should be to the point, without attacking the other side or throwing in information from years ago. Regardless, you definitely should see someone.

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