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How do I find out Florida Lawyers name and and number that should have Copy of Mothers last Will.?

Crystal River, FL |

How would I go about finding my mothers WILL. I know that it was done with a Lawyer in Florida. He said he has found a copy of Will but I know that he has not filed Will with the court in Citrus County where Mother Lived. None of us Sons live in Florida. Mother pasted away Aug 9 2013. Oldest brother has taken all papers from mothers house and not let me see anything. NEED TO FIND ATTORNEY IN CITRUS COUNTY FLORIDA THAT HAS WILL. PLEASE HELP!!

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Ask the Citrus County Bar Association to ask their members it they have any information about your mother's will. You can also try posting on their Facebook page:


If you think that your brother has the will but has failed to deposit the will with the clerk of court within 10 days as required by law, you should alert your brother to the fact that he can be responsible for costs, damages, and attorney's fees for failing to deposit the will.

I suggest that you consult with an experienced probate attorney, preferably one in Citrus County, since that is where your mother resided at the time of her death.

Eileen D. Jacobs, Esq.
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Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 877-9600
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Mailing: P.O. Box 14953
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You are going to want to hire a probate attorney in Citrus County. We see this all the time. The attorney will have resources that he/she can follow to try to locate the will. As Attorney de Parry suggests, the best place to begin is with the Citrus County Bar Association. Worst case scenario - if the eldest Son has squirreled the original will away, he must produce it for probating sooner or later, or else the estate can be probated as an intestate estate. Have your attorney file a caveat with the court which will require them to notify you when/if a probate has been opened. If time passes and no one opens probate, you may do so yourself as one of the in-line descendents.

Carol Johnson Law Firm, P.A. : (727) 647-6645 : : Wills, Trusts, Real Property, Probate, Special Needs: Information provided here is anecdotal and should not be relied upon or considered legal advice. Every matter is different and answers given here are general in nature and may not reflect current Florida law at the time you are reading this posting.

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