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How do i find out about my deceased fathers financial records

Las Vegas, NV |

My father passed away in december he died unexpectedly .he owned a home in las vegas nevada . he lived with his girlfriend there for about 10 years i acessed his property records which show he purchased the home in 2000 . the property doesnt show a lean holder but his girlfreind says he owed money on the property. if he owes money on the property how can she be living there still? [ HE DIDNT LEAVE A WILL] we meaning his children would like to find out his banking records . we called his bank and they said he has an account and a safe deposit box. but just my dads name was on the account please help me to do what i have to.

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If your father did not leave a will and was unmarried at the time of his death, you and any siblings are what are called "the intestate heirs." This means that you and any sibling(s) will share in his estate.

You or one of your siblings will have to initiate a probate proceeding to be appointed adminstrator after which the bank will have to disclose your father's assets and give them to you in your capacity as administrator. This involves a probate proceeding.

The girl friend is living in the house because no one is telling her to move. If you are appointed administrator you will be able to evict her.
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I am in agreement with John Reed's assessment and would only ad that the longer you wait, the greater chance of the girlfiend destroying the house or property in the house. In addition, if there is a mortgage, you risk having the house foreclosed upon which would take money from the value of the inheritance.

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