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How do I find an appeal lawyer for a murder case?

Ames, IA |

More than twenty years ago a teenage male was involved in a shooting in Milwaukee, WI in which several members of his gang were exchanging gunfire with several members of another gang, and a member of the other gang was killed. The youth was sentenced to life in prison even though this was his first time ever being arrested and even though it was not clear that he fired the fatal bullet. What is a good way for me to proceed in finding an appeal attorney for this prisoner?

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First of all you will need a complete transcript and copies of all depositions and other relevant documents such as police reports and witness statements. Everything has to be gone over. This was 20 years ago, but there is a recent US Supreme Court case which might have a bearing on this case. That is a huge might. The basic ruling was that juvenile homicide offenders cannot automatically be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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You could use Avvo's Find a Lawyer tool to browse appellate attorneys specializing in criminal law in your area. You could also contact your local bar association for referrals.

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It'd be a good idea to start with the criminal defense attorneys in your area and ask around to see who does a lot of post-conviction litigation. You're not necessarily looking for an "appeals" attorney to help -- you need one who understands post-conviction litigation.

Good luck.

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This looks like a homework question. A Wisconsin stale murder case asked in Ames, Iowa.

Can you clarify why you are asking this question about a Wisconsin "prisoner?"

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