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How do I find an aggressive malpractice attorney in my area?

Mansfield, OH |

My mother died of cancer. She had been anemic for some time before an endoscopy revealed a large cancerous colon tumor that (indicated by a ct scan) had metastasized to liver and lungs. No ct scan of the brain was taken. She started chemotherapy. She complained that she would get muscle twitching in her legs,and occasionally her arms. She fell on Easter because of one of these spasms and never made it back home. Spending the rest of her life in a nursing home unable to walk or enjoy taking her grandchildren to play. After she fell a brain ct was finally ordered and showed tumors that caused her fall. The failure of her entire care team to order a brain scan after initially finding a metastasizing tumor in her colon directly led to those tumors growing and her quality of life suffering.

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Sorry to hear about your mother’s death. Whether the attorney is aggressive or not, the facts are that she already had cancer that had metastasized to her liver and lungs. Also, you do not state what injuries she suffered in the fall that kept her in a nursing home (broken hip?). The fact that your mother was already diagnosed with metastasized cancer probably gave her a diminished life expectancy already. You would need a medical expert that would give an opinion that the failure to order a head CT and diagnose the tumors was the direct cause of her unfortunate death.

This case has a complicated liability situation coupled with a limited amount of damages. Another potential problem is whether or not your father is still alive? If so, then he could bring a potential medical malpractice case. However, many states (Wisconsin included) prohibit adult children from suing for medical malpractice committed on their parents.
Right now, you need to sit down with a medical malpractice attorney to see if you even have a case.

Good luck.

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Thank You for your response. The brain tumors caused intractable swelling that disabled her left side. Although she had a diminished life expectancy the quality of her remaining life was damaged due to the doctors failure to diagnose. She was divorced, and we lived in Ohio. Oh and now we have tens of thousands in medical bills. I appreciate your answer.


Medical malpractice is a very unique and complicated area of the law. You need to meet with a competent lawyer who handles medical malpractice to see if you even have a claim. If you do not know an attorney who handles medical malpractice, I would suggest that you contact your local bar association. Bar associations often have a list of attorneys who handle certain types of cases that they can refer from. If the first attorney you talk to does not want to take your case, ask that attorney for the name of another attorney who handles medical malpractice if you would like to seek a second opinion. Best of luck to you.

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Thank you for your response. I will contact local bar associations for suggestions.


I have worked in the medical malpractice field for almost 40 years. I have handled many delayed diagnosis of cancer cases, most involving death at some point. I also had a parent die of metastatic colon cancer, and I know what an ordeal she and your entire family went through. You may think you want an aggressive lawyer to right a wrong. What you need is answers. By all means consult with some medical malpractice lawyers, there are plenty of good ones in Ohio. But try to put your anger and grief aside and present them with a barebones outline of facts. Let them ask questions and give you their assessment of the pros and cons of suing.

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Thank you for your answer. I'm sorry for you loss. I'll present the facts, but it's difficult to put the anger aside when bills for tens of thousands of dollars arrive in the mail each month.

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