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How do I find a pro bono lawyer in Minnesota

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My fiance is trying has been trying to fight a case for 6 months now and the first lawyer didnt fight for him at all in court, but he accepted the sentence. He was to turn himself into our local county jail and serve 30 days with work release. He checked in the day instructed; required for work release is a UA. He took his UA the morning he checked in and 2 officers administering it said he passed no problem and he would be going to work (which was expected cause he has been clean 6 years). Monday morning before work the program director entered his cell and said he failed his UA containing 3 drugs. He hired another lawyer on suspicion on tampering in September and he was adamant his case would go back to court and they would fight these accusations. Nothing has happened & no communication

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Contact the state bar association.

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If he hasn't heard from his lawyer in awhile and the lawyer isn't returning calls/ emails your fiancé should look for someone new. If he qualifies he may be entitled to a public defender. If not, check out Most attorneys will offer a free consultation or some, like me, base their fees on a sliding scale depending on individual financial situations.

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I am not personally aware of any pro bono or legal aid societies that provide services to the actively accused, only those in the appeal stage. I am currently forming the Mid-West Defense Lawyers Guild which will hopefully offer some pro bono services in the future, but none at this time. You may want to check with some of the local law schools. They oftentimes have law clinics that may offer some assistance. Best of luck to you.

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The Legal Rights Center ( ) might be a good place to check.

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