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How do I find a pro bono divorce lawyer in the Bay Area in Calif to help me with my case?

Dublin, CA |

I have a complicated divorce case, and have spent thousands on this process over the past 2 years. Unfortunately at the end of mediation, nothing was settled, and the judge pushed everyting to trial. I have nothing left, and my lawyer just quit, knowing I didn't recieve my spousal support and therefore cannot pay him. I need to find a lawyer to represent me at a decreased or pro bono cost.

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Pro bono? Nearly impossible these days, but you could try calling the Alameda County (510-302-2222)or Contra Costa County (925-686-6900) bar associations for suggestions. There's also Bay Area Legal Aid (510-663-4744 or 925-233-9954), but they are pretty tapped out right now and generally only offer services to people who are in dire financial need.

In terms of decreased cost, you may have a better shot, but it would require you to potentially consult with numerous attorneys to see who is willing to work at a discounted rate. The two county bar associations have a "moderate means" panel of attorneys who offer services at discount rates, so you might try asking specifically for that.