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How do I find a Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Lawyer - live in WA, but case is in Oregon?

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July 2, 2008 our mom went into hospital in Astoria OR, for stomach pains and they said it was gall stones. She was in hospital for 6 days, in which they never took her gall bladder. She had mentioned to me they may take her pancreas, they didn't do that either. Even though she still had pains, they sent her home on July 8th. July 10th, she went into a Portland hospital to see her primary Dr. Still they did not take her gall bladder or pancreas. July 12th, she had a stroke and was put on life support. Her internal organs started shutting down and she passed away July 13th. Would anyone be able to help us, even though the case is in Oregon? My brother & I feel her death was preventable.
Thank you
Connie B.

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The best place to start looking for an Oregon attorney to help you is the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association. You can find them at
Please keep in mind there is a time deadline to filing such a lawsuit so you will need to retain an attorney as quickly as possible. Good luck to you and your family.


There are several resouces available to you to help you find a qualified and experienced lawyer in Oregon. First, the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys is an organization that Board Certifies attorneys in medical malpractice. Go to and search for one in Oregon. Another resource is Martindale-Hubbell, which rates lawyers in their practice areas. You are looking for an AV rated attorney (the highest rating available) in Oregon who handles medical malpractice cases. Go to and search.

The Statute of Limitations is not the same in every state. Some are as short as 1 year. Contact an Oregon attorney immediately.


First of all, please accept my condolences for the loss of your mom. I agree with the previous poster about contacting the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association. Please bear in mind that medical malpractice is a specialty within a specialty and you should only retain an attorney who is very experienced in medical malpractice specifically. A good med mal attorney should know medical experts who can help evaluate whether the doctors or other health care providers breached the local standard of care in their treatment of your mom. You could also go to a Washington attorney who could try to help you find a med mal attorney in Oregon. Sometimes a personal referral gets you in the door, where a cold call will not. Because medical malpractice cases are so difficult and costly, most attorneys who practice in this area or personal injury law are extremely selective. I wish you the very best luck and once again, I am sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Claude Wyle


I would check out Best Lawyers In America and Super Lawyers and see who practices in that area in that specialty field.

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