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How do I find a good appellate lawyer to handle my civil appeal?

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How do I find a good appellate lawyer to handle my civil appeal?

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Contact Marc A. Gregg, Esq. at 954-463-9884 or Appeals are not free and usually are not on contingency unless the appellate lawyer is handling the underlying matter; so don't be surprised when the lawyer discusses a fee.


My firm handles civil appeals. My first position after law school was working for an appellate judge. We are not specialists. If you would like information on our qualifications, please contact me. 954 922 3388. If you would prefer to speak to someone who does only appeals, we can refer you to someone, and there is no charge for doing so.


I should have mentioned that most appeals of final orders MUST be commenced within 30 days of the rendition of the order to be appealed. (Some appellate court matters have shorter deadlines). Failure to timely commence an appeal keeps the appellate court from having jurisdiction, meaning it will be powerless to help you, no matter how strong your appeal might be otherwise, so you want to act promptly.


The Florida Bar Board Certified Appellate lawyers are appellate specialists, qualified to handle civil appeals, as well as criminal, administrative and federal appeals all the way to the US Supreme Court. The certification process is rigorous. Out of 86,000 plus lawyers in Florida, less than 200 are board certified appellate specialists who work regularly in this complex area of law. Here is a link to the Board Certified Appellate Specialists in Florida: Good luck with your search!

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