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How do i fill out the I-765WS form; if ive never worked, but go to college & live with parents?

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i do not work, but i attend college so i have a college bill. i have a cell phone so i have a bill. i dont pay these bills but im wondering if i add them up and put the total in the Part 2, Question 3 box.

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List all your expenses,e.g. Food, clothing, transportation, insurance, fees, tuition, etc., etc,

Don't be bashful and understate your expenses! List as many as you can, also include any medical, etc

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I would really discuss any of your prospective filings with a practicing attorney in person BEFORE you mail anything. It may appear as a simple innocuous form, yet the practice of law is never a simple exercise of form filling, it involves much more.

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I agree with Atty Behar.

Please click the link at the very bottom for additional information.

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Mr. Ivaknenko makes a good point. There are some DACA applicants who report being denied employment authorization, since they were unable to demonstrate need to the satisfaction of the USCIS.

If for some reason, you and your parents are unable to afford an attorney, consider a not for profit in New York that represents those with immigration cases. These organizations are known as VOLAGs. Your local USCIS Office should have a list of them. However, it is often more efficient to find a competent immigration attorney to handle the situation. Good luck.

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Alexander M. Ivakhnenko


I completely concur with esteemed Counsel Dixler.