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How do I fill out the child support guidelines worksheet if I am unemployed and currently a stay at home mother?

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I am currently going through a modification for time sharing and child support with my ex husband. I am now remarried and am a stay at home mother. I am wondering how I fil out the child support guidelines worksheet since I do not work. I have my ex husbands income from his financial affidavit. I have heard that since I am unemployed that they will impute my income at minimum wage, so my question is do I go ahead and do that on the child support guidelines worksheet myself or do I put $0 like it says on my financial affidavit? It says to transfer the net income amount from your financial affidavit to the worksheet, but I didn't know if I was supposed to go ahead an figure minimum wage for me or does the court do that later and I figure it at $0 for now?

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Based upon the limited information provided, it is likely that the court will impute minimum wage, however, you may want to prepare two guidelines worksheets, one with minimum wage imputed to you and the other with zero income for you. This would leave the door open for you to make an argument to the court that income should not be imputed.

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