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How do I fill out Employer Quarterly Tax form 941 if I don't have any employees anymore?

Clinton Township, MI |

I have a EIN and a LLC, but business has been nonexistent since 12/07. I really don't want to close the business because I want to start again as soon as the economy gets better. I 've been sending the State Employment tax form back a "zero". But the IRS wants my quarterly tax. I am the only employee. I've had no employees since 12/07. How do I fill out the quarterly tax form? I still renew my LLC every year.

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You file and report the wages paid to yourself as the only employee. If you did not have any wages paid to you during the quarter, you can file a zero tax return showing no activity.



to add to this question> what about item 14 & 15? If I paid no wages it stands to reason that there would be no place of deposit. is it ok to leave it blank?

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