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How do i fill out a motion form? Can i request a hearing date before a judge?

Florida |

my wife and i just recently went to a hearing for dissolution of marriage and timesharing before a general magistrate how do i fill out my motion form in order for her not to basically get everything she requested i recieved the papers on june 25, 2010 and i have ten days to appeal so does this mean i fill out a motion form? please i need help i dont have a lawyer and my wife does

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Attorney answers 1


I am not sure what county you are in and I believe that most counties have a pro se litigant help office. It appears from your question that you attended a final hearing, that the general magistrate ruled and that you have now received a report and recommendation, which is to be sent to the judge for entry after 10 days of the date of the report and recommendation. The procedure I am familiar with is to file "exceptions" to the findings of the general magistrate. At that level it is like an appeal. In other words, it is likely that you will need "legal" reasons why the judge should not approve what the general magistrate did. You should at least consult with an attorney and bring with you whatever paper you received for legal advice. You don't want to let the 10 days go without doing something if you disagree.