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How do I file to legally change my minor childs last name?

Houston, TX |

I understand that having an attorney is best However I want to file this on my own. My ex-husband terminated his rights on our daughter, for mistaken paternity and now I want to change her last name to the same as mine.

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File a petition in the court that granted the divorce and terminated his rights

I am not intending this to be legal advice, because I don't know the particulars of your situation. Call me if you would like to discuss this or other isues.


While I realize you wish to proceed on your own, despite coming to an attorney forum to seek advice, your best bet may be to sit down with a local attorney and pay for at least a consultation on how best to tip toe through the legal process without any training.


File suit, serve bio dad via publication, pay an ad-litem about $1500, wait and see if judge permits the name change.