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How do I file motion to quash subpoena?

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IRS has sent a subpoena to my bank. How do i file the motion to quash and what are the the reasons i can use.

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There is likely nothing you can do.


If you don't know the reasons why you want to quash the subpoena now, you are not likely to be successful.

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While I understand why it is that you may want to quash a subpoena the IRS issued to your bank, that wouldn't be a legal reason. You are unlikely to prevail but feel free to consult with an attorney in person. S/he could review with you what, of any, legal reasons there might be.


Bankruptcy stops some civil actions, but usually not IRS investigative actions. Bankruptcy would stop court & collection civil actions.

You didn't state the underlying action behind the subpoena (criminal or civil). Nor did you indicate what the subpoenas are relating to. (crime?, tax audit?, badges of fraud?)

Are the subpoenas an attempt by an informant to wrongfully and maliciously incriminate you? It may get much more complicated if you have to establish a wrongful informant and his/her malice.

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