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How do I file motion to clarify conflcting information in a child support adjustment order. King County, WA

Kent, WA |

Aug 18, 2011 ex. seeked a child support adjustment. Judge granted me a while family deviation but used ex's propsed documents for final order. Judge changed the total in the total transfer after deviation but failed to change the individual amount for each child. Their for individual amounts do not total to the amount assesed to me. Child support enforcement says this will be an issue when I no longer pay support and I wll be held to the higher amount unless I can get it clarified. What do I do?

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If the other party is in agreement, an order may be entered nunc pro tunc. This would save more money in avoiding a potentially contested action.

If there is no agreement, you would file a motion explaining the problem and requesting appropriare relief. If the action is in Kent, you would need to give 14 days notice of the hearing to the other party.

I would suggest that you contact a family law attorney regarding the procedures and get a 30 minute free consultation. You may contact my office and I will be happy to discuss the issue with you right away.

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