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How do I file harassment charges against someone who I feel is threatening me?

Caldwell, NJ |

I feel threatened by someone who is verbally abusing me and threatening to do more serious acts. How do I go about filing harassment charges?

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Harassment comes in two forms -- the criminal case and the domestic violence case. If the person is not related to you and is not somebody you've ever had a dating or intimate relationship with, then you can file a criminal charge of harassment against the person by calling local police or going to the police department and advising them that you wish to file a private criminal complaint against somebody. This will lead to a hearing in Municipal Court.

If the person is a family member, a housemate or roommate, or a person that you dated, or had sex with, you can file "harassment" under the domestic violence law. This will get you a restraining order to keep the person away from you. To do this, you'll need to contact the Family Court. If you live in Caldwell, you'd contact the Essex County Superior Court-Family Court...and they will instruct you how to fill out a domestic violence complaint.

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