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How do I file for guardianship?

Stockbridge, GA |

My mother and father have had guardianship of my 13 year old nephew for 10 years. His brother 14 whom also was under my parents care did some things that got him sent away for awhile and and the state where they live, New Hampshire required the boys not able to live together anymore. Now I have had the 13 year old here in Georgia for the past 2 months. he has started school and is living with me. How do I file for guardianship. My parents are willing to give up their rights to him. The mother and father's parental rights have not been terminated but they are in no position right now to get their children back. The original guardianship that my parents received was done here in Henry County. I am sure the mother will file for custody but for now I need the right to make decisions legally

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You need to make an appointment to see an attorney handles this type of case in your area and discuss your situation in detail. More facts are required.