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How do I file Contempt of Court charges for Family Law

Torrance, CA |

My ex wife is in contempt of court for a few different reasons. I a Pro Per as I am representing myself.
I went to the Family Law Court House to file Contempt charges and they sent me to a different floor. When I got there they said you have to go to the Criminal Court buidlng. So, off I went and they told me that it would have to be filed at the Family Law Court house. I tried to hire a para legal but she gave me the run around and said she "might" get to it in a month.
I am more than able to file if I just knew how....Please direct me

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Go to the office of the Family Law Facilitator in the family law courthouse. They will show you how to do what you need. If that fails, go to the Law Library and tell the librarian what you need. The librarian can direct you to the right info.