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How do i file an answer to a 'Complaint and Summons" from a collection agency for ge money/carecredit. answer is due today by 4p

Macon, GA |

I have been sued by a collection agency that I'm assuming has 'bought' old
'charged-off' accounts from GE Capitol /CareCredit.
The suit States I opened an account w/Carecredit on 9-27-2006...its bogus!!
They did not include anything showing my signature and nothing showing my ss#....nothing.
Before I went to courthouse to see what it was i have NEVER heard anything about this mess.
The suit is for $7200.00! I am disabled and draw ss/disability..I would never have borrowed this kind of money,especially not to have any medical/dental procedures done. I have medical/health insurance & medicare for stuff like that. I need help please, I'm scared these people can try to take my vehicle...its my only mode of transportation to get to my monthly doctor appointments. btw-also lost my house in 2010

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You should speak with an experienced consumer debt defense attorney. However, you have left yourself so little time.

If today is the 30th day from the date that you were served (unless you are able to hire an attorney to handle this), you need to make sure that you go to the Courthouse today and file your own answer.

Avvo is not a substitute for going to law school and gaining experienced in a legal field. So this answer is woefully insufficient, but at the very minimum, your answer needs to state that you deny you owe the debt. (Your answer should not be about how poor you are or how you can't pay, that assumes that you owe the debt and is not a legal defense anyway.)

After you answer, you should still look for an attorney. If you filed a general denial answer, then the attorney should be able to file an amended answer and raise almost any omitted defense. Many consumer firms (like my own) will consult and review documents without cost to you. Over the years, my firm has seen a few medical financing accounts opened by health care providers without their patient's permission.

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I can't tell from this site whether you got your question answered and filed an answer by 6/28. But you should also know that if you missed that date, you have 15 days in which to reopen the default by paying court "costs" when you file an answer. The clerk of the court can inform you of what to pay and the procedure. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Good luck.