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How do I file an Adjudication of Facts of Parentage in CA?

Alhambra, CA |

I've looked for the forms online and have not found them. I'm not sure where to begin to get this process started. I need the father name on my child's Birth certificate changed as well as her last name. Ivr already gotten the VS-21 form from the county recorders office but I need to get a judgement what paperwork do I need to file and where can I locate it? Thank you

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See link below

If you are seeking a Paternity Judgment, commence a Paternity Action with a FL-200 Petition to Establsh Parental Relationship.

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To obtain a court judgement establishing parentage, you would need to file the proper paperwork with the county court, usually where the child lives, including the FL 200 as Mr. Conviser mentioned. You did not say whether the father would dispute his paternity or not. Filing the paperwork gives the alleged father an opportunity to respond and dispute paternity if that is his position. He could request a DNA test as part of this process. There are Self-Help Centers in the courthouses to help you with the forms. Additional information can be found at: You'll see that on the FL 200, you will also need to answer questions about what type of custody and visitation arrangement you would like.

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Diamond Tran, Esq.



At the time of my child's birth the alleged father signed the birth certificate and gave his surname to her. Through a DNA test we have found that he is not her biological father but another man is. The other man would like to take responsibility and put his name on the birth certificate and have the other mans (not the father) name removed as well as her last name changed. Is FL200 form the proper paperwork that will accomplish this? Thank you

Diamond B Tran

Diamond B Tran


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This is not legal advice and this response does not create an attorney client relationship between this office/me and an other person or entity.

I have linked the documents you will need.

Form FL-200 is the main document you are looking for.

The second linked document, FL-105, must be completed and filed with the FL-220.

The third linked document is sometimes required depending on your situation, so please see if FL-105(A) applies to you and yours.

The final linked document below be filed at the same time as FL-200, but do not fill it out (leave it blank). Good luck!

Hans Gillinger

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