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How do I file a writ of garnishment in texas?

Fort Worth, TX |

I filed a claim in small claims court about two years ago and won. I have yet to collect the money owed to me. I would like information on the next steps to take to receive payment. How would I obtain writ of garnishment foms? What are the precedures in filing?

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You should file this question under litigation. This is not a bankruptcy question. Good luck.

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Garnishment is not allowed in Texas to collect civil debts except federal taxes and payment of some federal student loans. It is a violation of the Texas Constitution. It does not matter if your wages are paid by an out of state company. Child support payments are withholding not garnishment.


You do have the option of garnishing the person bank account. While it is true that you cant garnish wages in Texas, once the wages go into the bank they are not considered wages anymore and are subject to garnishment.

You probably need an attorney to do as it is complciated. It involves filing a lawsuit against the persons bank, which means you need to know where they bank.