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How do I file a sexual slander law suit in california?

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My daughters teacher sexually slandered me in the classroom in front of the entire class. My daughter and I went to the principal. The teacher did not get diciplined at all. Do I have a good case against the school district or the teacher herself?note: I was not present at the time of the slandering, however, the teacher did call me referring to the incident .

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If the statement made was true than it does not qualify as slander. Regardless, your damages do not seem significant enough to warrant the effort to bring a claim. If you feel differently than consult an attorney to investigate the incident.

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Not being aware of the statement which you conclude is "sexual slander" (nor should you necessarily post it on this site), and as the other attorneys have advised, "truth" is a defense even as to unflattering statements. Additionally, defamation deals with a false statement of fact. A corollary of that requirement of proof is that statements of opinions are generally not actionable. Lastly, be advised that defamation actions are verty expensive and time consuming to prosecute - even if you are thinking of representing yourself Pro Se (which is not a smart thing to do). Consult with a local attorney, in person, to go over the details.


Keep in mind that defamation lawyers typically want a $5,000.00 retainer just to begin work, and unless this caused a significant monetary loss to you, your costs would likely exceed the recovery.


I am not familiar with "sexual slander". What are you referring to and what are the damages you have received as a result of this "sexual slander"?

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If the statement is slander on it’s face and attacks your moral turpitude it could be characterized as slander per se which civilly reduces the burden for having to actually prove up damages. Obviously, to file a lawsuit you would do it in Superior Court in the county where the incident occurred. As a starting point you may want to get a copy of the school district policy and see what policy the teacher was in violation of and then make a formal complaint to the school board and ask them to intervene in the matter.

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You are going to want to Google the fundamentals about California's anti_SLAPP statue's. The state's anti-SLAPP scheme is quite robust. If you sue on for defamation when you should not have, you can wind-up paying all of the defendant's legal fees and those will likely be in the tens of thousands of dollars. And it may take up to 2 years to determine whether the anti-SLAPP laws will be applied -- only then can the defamation case move forward.

If you suffered some slur in front of a bunch of kids, a lawsuit is unlikely to be the best way to handle it. An administrative complaint with the school and the district will get faster, more affordable results, although the outcome is far from certain. Although we have no idea as to the nature of the remark and so cannot offer any insight as to the strength of any potential claim by you, absent a purposeful malicious and explicit intention to cause you harm, it is unlikely that the teacher can be deprived of her employment for such remarks. If your knowledge of the incident comes from the teacher herself, your potential claim is even weaker, legally speaking.

Talk to a local defamation attorney by all means.

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Manuel Alzamora Juarez

Manuel Alzamora Juarez


I was slapped on an unrelated case and I can attest that it is a nightmare!!! Luckily I came out of it unscathed but Attorney McCall, as usual, hit it on the nail.

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