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How do I file a response to a motion for enforcement? Format wise. and do you count weekends in the date due? Texas

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Ex filed a motion for enforcement /contempt because I wouldn't let him claim our son. 3rd court order states every other year. latest court order states "full effect including any VALID order of tax dependency" He refused to sign papers 2 times and judge wrote that in and underlined valid in bold and signed it for him. It was explained that court papers have nothing to do with taxes. He refused to listen but is now suing me. I need to file an answer but I am running around. I dont know the correct format. Use his or use another I found that just states simple answer. His is 1.2.3. format with jurisdiction, contempt, settlement attempts, clarification and prayer. Any help would be appreciated

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They have volunteer lawyer in the basement of the family law center at 1115 congress


It doesn't have to be very formal. They'll accept crayon on a cocktail napkin for an Answer if it has the right information. It should contain:

Cause number
court number
style (In re XYZ, a minor child)

Title : Answer

Response: I deny all allegations contained in the Petition to Modify....

Sign with full address below.

Make copies, send orig. and copy to clerk at address on the citation with SASE to return a file stamp copy to you.
Send copy to opposing counsel.

There, now you have to be notified of everything thats going on. Get a lawyer.

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