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How do I file a petition to set aside a judgement from a lower court and the court of appeals that was obtained be perjury,fraud

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and exstrinsic and intrinsic fraud on the court.i am in pro per and they are putting my home,property on the market for sale.ineed to be able to do something to stop these people from committing this crime .I have all the evidence of thiese actions.i know this is a long shot especially in todays economy.but is there any one of you wonderful attorneys that would help by pro bono me with this case,i have all the proof,in writing w/signatures of the attorney making up a false person serving papers,her pleadings,declarations and conclusions using it a written statement in court proceedings to a judge to obtain a ruling,plus all bank and stocks signatures of concealment ,conversion of safety deposit box,taking out of trust name and putting in his name.and tampering w/ the deed.thank you

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If you do not hire an Attorney, your stuff is about 6 weeks away from becoming someone else's stuff.

I represent Employers, but I can recommend Worker Attorneys in So Cal if you ask.


You need an attorney; a very good attorney where you are..

But just as much you need a private investigator.

You need a questioned document examiner.

It does not sound as if you have progressed where you want to be doing this yourself.

Get represented right away. You have very little time left, it seems.

Good luck.

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