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How do I file a motion to compel for genetic testing? Is there a sample form?

Franklin, IN |

I am the possible father of a child born two days ago. I would like DNA testing, but mother will not consent. My county does not have a petition or paper work for me to fill out. They stated I would need to create the document myself.

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Attorney answers 1


This is a very serious matter. I recently handled a similar case for a male client. You may have already exercised what some persons consider poor decision making (if the child turns out to be yours). Don't compound the situation by going it alone. Considering the cost of raising a child for 19 years retaining an attorney to help you through this is a modest one time investment. If the woman is indigent she will probably have the County Prosecutor IV Div. assist her. You will more than likely be compelled to provide DNA and possibly contribute to the cost of the testing. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish, hire an Attorney to help you navigate these unfamiliar waters.