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How do I file a lawsuit against an employer in florida that has 15 or fewer employees?

Altamonte Springs, FL |

My boss has been sexually harrassing me verbally and physically, at one point he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch.

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It sounds as if you have not only been the victim of sexual harassment but that you are also the victim of a crime (the physical abuse). You should speak with a personal injury attorney who handles sexual harrassment and assault/battery cases immediately and also report the physical incidents to the police.

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I agree. It sounds like battery.

If the employer has at least 10 employees, then if you object to or refuse to participate in this activity you could also be a whistleblower under the Florida Whistleblower Act. If that's the case, you should put your objection to the repeated sexual battery in writing to whoever handles human resources issues to make sure the company is on notice.

You should contact an attorney to discuss potential claims. And for heaven's sake, find another job. No potential case is worth subjecting yourself to a dangerous situation. Harassers tend to escalate their behavior over time if they get away with it.

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