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How do I file a charge against someone for perjury in court?

Mason City, IA |

2 individuals told a few lies in court. 1 of whom told 2 lies that I can now prove were knowingly false, and the other told 1 lie that I can prove was knowingly false. I would like to file charges for perjury. I have gone to the County Attorney office and was told to file a police report. I went to the Police Department and was told to go to the County Attorney, and I repeated the cycle one more time. Can I write an affidavit myself and submit it to the magistrate?

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No you cannot write a affidavit, you can fill one out and submit it to law enforcement.

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Thank you. I have tried that twice now and the officer and his shift commander both insist that they cannot file the charges and that they have never heard of a police officer filing charges for something that happened in court. I tried to explain to him that perjury is a criminal matter, not a civil matter. I live in Iowa, so I'm not sure if the laws here are the same as in Nebraska, I imagine pretty close to the same for perjury.

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