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How do i file a ''claim'' on my vehicle and money with a notice of seizure for forfeiture?

Astoria, OR |

I was arrested for DCS, PCS, unlawful poss of firearm. I had no drugs on me at all, just peraphanilia. An I had 1300 in cash from my draw from work. Anyways i was placed under arrest, while in jail the detectives informed me with a Notice of Seizure For Forfeiture that my Truck and cash were bein takin. On this form it says that I have 21 days to file a claim. Neither the courts, Sherrif's office, or the DA's office will point me in a direction. As for my court appointed attorney, he will not return my calls since he said we had nothing to talk about until court. Ive lost my truck all my money and now my job because of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, granted i should of found some better friends to be around. Oh, btw, I have no prior issues on my record.

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You should consult a private attorney in your area who represents clients on criminal matters. Many attorneys will give a free or low cost consultation in a situation such as this. Do not expect to get sufficient information on the Internet. And do not disclose any further information about your case online. What you post in a public forum such as this can be read by the police and the prosecuting attorney. Don't expect any help from law enforcement agencies. They are not on your side.


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