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How do i fight or make a deal with the crown on my following to close ticket? in ontario canada

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i got into a car accident, fast lane on the highway, everything was going smoothly, all of a sudden the vehicle slammed its break, i slammed mine, i slid into him, barely any damage, i would have been able to pull off to the left for the shoulder, but there was no shoulder on this part of the highway. Cop showed up 20 mins later and gave me a following too close ticket. Im not disputing the accident, but i dont believe i am guilty of the charge issued - judging by the definition of following to close. i have my first appearance tomorrow and would like to get the best deal or it taken away. If i cant get it taken away, i would like all my demerits to be taken away. What can i bring up in order to fight it and have a good chance?

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This site is for United States law. Look for a lawyer in Ontario.

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Ask a lawyer in Ontario, not in NY or any other state in USA


Look for a lawyer in Ontario Canada to help you out. Although there may not be too much difference in the law, generally, you have a duty to see what has to be seen on a highway and to maitain a safe distance. The fact that you slammed into the back of a person's vehicle is enough to say that you were following too closely and worse not paying attention.

Be weary of any possible lawsuit that may be commenced by the other driver. If one starts, you will like be liable because you struck the other person in the rear

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I suggest you ask a lawyer in Ontario if the officer is able to issue a ticket for offense he did not personally observe .

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