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How do I fight an apartment complex for my deposit return?

Orlando, FL |

My lease expired 02/1813, 90 days prior I got a reminder letter from the manager at which time I reminded him of my status, unemployed and still looking and was told to keep him posted. Suddenly management changed and it seems so did the rules they wanted a 60 Day Notice, I had no INTENT to move and gave them a letter stating that fact. Since I did not find work I could not renew a lease I had no way of paying for. On the 14th Feb. I called the office to let them know I still had not found work so I would have to vacate the apartment. Leaving the apartment SPOTLESS, better than I moved in condition. Now I am being charged for painting, parking fees,utilities, and 3x the rent.

There is more to this but not enough room to add it all in but I would like to speak to some with knowledge in this type of matter.

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Well, if they have not sent you the statutorily required claim to the deposit, you can demand it 30 days after vacating it.

You should look to the terms of your lease agreement (the one you signed) to address the remainder of the issues here. Hopefully you took a lot of pictures before you vacated.

You may need to consult with an attorney, which in your situation can be difficult. I recommend that you contact your local legal aid for assistance. They will try and sit you down with a landlord tenant attorney to go over your case with you.

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