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How do I fight against defamation and slander that was posted on a news website?

Ontario, CA | has a couple of articles posted that claim I was on the run from the police and am a child molester which is the furthest thing from the truth, I need advice on how to go about getting these articles removed from the internet, it has caused myself and my family a lot of pain and suffering including job loss, I have passed an FBI background check just to show it isn't true. The article was written based on information given to the site from my wife's ex-husband and his daughter and is based on complete lies. It has basically destroyed my life, I have tried to start over and move on but every time I do someone googles my name and there it is, what can I do?

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Posted may be immune from liability for defamation for internet publications that originated from inforamtion provided by a third party under the The Federal Communications Decency Act. You should consult with an attorney that handles defemation matters and discuss your case in more detail to determine if you have a claim.


Unfortunately, the internet is forever. Even though something might be removed, it is never actually completely gone. Contact the wrap and ask them to take the information down. You could sue the people who posted the information, but that still won't necessarily get rid of the posts, and may not result in any money to you.



Thanks for the help, I just want it taken down, I am not interested in the money

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