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How do I fight a false restraining order?

Jacksonville, FL |

The person that filed the order had no proof but was given the order anyway. I didn't get a real chance to have my say. I have all the proof that this person has been stalking me. Following me from work, blocked me in when i parked, calling my job leaving messages, some calls came in at 3am in the morning. SHE'S MARRIED. The Judge granted her the order. We have been to court twice. This is only part of the story. I have a made for a movie going on.

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Please be advised this is not to be considered legal advice. Whereas I am an attorney in Florida and I cannot give specific legal advice without establishing an attorney/client relationship and obtaining further information.This can be very detrimental to your future if not handled properly. This is not a criminal matter and you do not get a public defender to protect your rights. I have been successful in obtaining a complete dismissal at the hearing for a permanent restraining order by clearly establishing that the order is unfounded and lacks a sufficient evidentiary basis. An attorney should be consulted immediately to represent you and to insure that your rights are protected.

Loss of the ability to bear arms, having a "violence" matter on your permanent record and losing guaranteed rights of freedom of association are all possible outcomes if this is not handled correctly and the petitioners allegations of fear and/or of injury are determined to have sufficient a basis by the court.