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How do I evict my father from my home while he is not on lease and physically and mentally abuses myself and kids.

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My father has a history of domestic violence and is NOT on the Lease of my home, I am the ONLY person on the lease. In addition, he keeps a few things in my house in attempt to claim RESIDENCY so I cant lock him out of my house, when the cops are called they only say eviction process and this just infuriates my father. To this date, he CONSTANTLY makes mess of my home, turns all lights on including 300-watt tripod lights he has in garage when not using them,yells, badgers and physically pushes my kids 11yrs old , he has knocked me around and yet the Cops NEVER do anything about it, keep saying he has to be evicted.The judge wont grant a Restraining Order or anything. My brother has to take my kids to his own house to protect them.My father always gets out of it and even threatens cops

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If he is physically abusive then you should immediately file for an injunction. Why won't the judge grant the restraining order? If he is physically pushing you and/or your children then that meets the criteria for domestic violence. You may want to hire an attorney to handle the injunction on your behalf to make sure it is legally correct. Sometimes judges have no choice but to deny an injunction because it wasn't done properly.

First you must give your father notice in writing that he must vacate the premises by a certain date. The time that must be provided is likely dependent upon whatever agreement you had with your father to pay the rent, bills, etc... Next, if he fails to vacate within that time, you can file for an actual eviction with the court. See Florida Statutes Chapter 83 for the proper procedure. I also advise you hire an attorney for this process.

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I agree that you should file a domestic violence injunction on your behalf and on behalf of your children. There are forms online that you can fill out and there is NO filing fee. If it is granted, law enforcement will serve him and likely remove him from the house. I don't agree that you can evict your father, as there is no landlord/tenant relationship and no lease. However, if the domestic violence injunction is not granted, then you can file an EJECTMENT action against him. Basically, ejectment takes care of guests or people who are not tenants. Good luck. Protect yourself and your children. They don't deserve to have abuse in their home.


I agree with Attorney Trabin and Attorney Cox. The facts you have stated should be enough for a domestic violence injunction. Get an attorney to help you and try again. Good luck.

B. Elaine Jones, Esq.


Get a lawyer to file your injunction. Your lawyer can probably file an eviction as well. The problem is that you are probably not meeting the legal standard in writing. That's what lawyers get paid for. You won't get the relief you are seeking on your own. If you can't get an attorney involved, you will probably have to put up with your father's torment.

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