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How do I establish Arizona residency?

Yuma, AZ |

I am in the process of moving in with family in Yuma, AZ. What do I need to do to establish AZ residency?

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Depending upon the reason you are establishing residency, generally a domicile of Arizona is demonstrated by the absence of ties to the former state of residence for twelve consecutive months. Objective evidence of intent to be a resident of Arizona is further demonstrated by the following:
1. Date and state issuing driver's license.
2. Date and state in which Motor Vehicle is registered.
3. State(s) in which resident income taxes are/were filed.
4. Date and state in which registered to vote.
5. Change of permanent address on all pertinent records.
6. Employment history, including assured future permanent employment in Arizona.
7. Transfer of major banking services to Arizona.
8. Ownership of real property

Because your question does not identify the reason for your residency, there could be different residency requirements depending upon the school, state program, voting, etc.

Seek local counsel for more details. Good luck.

Richard A. Cruz, Esq.