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How do I do a "disposition of stay" during a divorce?

Belleville, IL |

My attorney is withdrawing on July 22, 2014 which is the hearing date for the motion to withdraw. I have expressed concerns that my husband is hiding income and depleting assets. Although he is stating that he doesn't have to pay me alimony, he is taking another woman on lavish trips that I know of. He just took another one in June, 2014, but his attorney is stating his income is only $850/mth, as to restrict alimony. I asked my attorney to do it, but she hasn't yet, stating that his income is his income, and my income is my income, marital assets that was gotten during separation is his. She sounded like she didn't want to do it. Was I being unethical. Well, I can't do it until she is withdrawn by the court. What can I do now, court hearing is July 30, 2014 on all remaining issues.?

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You should ask your attorney. Until the withdrawal is granted you are still represented by counsel


If the court allows your lawyer to withdraw on July 22, then you will be given 21 days to retain another lawyer and the July 30 date will be stricken and reset. Call a few lawyers and hire one you're comfortable with.


This is not the best forum in which to discuss complex legal issues. What I strongly suggest you do is hire another attorney to represent you. Consult with an attorney in your area. Many attorneys do not charge for initial consultations with prospective clients.


If your attorney allowed to withdraw in July 21, according to Supreme Court Rule 13, you will have at least 21 days in which to retain counsel. Therefore, the hearing on remaining issues will be continued. You need to find an attorney as quickly as possible.

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