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How do I divorce someone who lives in Mexico?

Dallas, TX |

I am an American citizen and my husband is a Mexican citizen. We have 3 children together and got married when he was here in the U.S. He is now in Mexico and have agreed to divorce. We don't have any assets or anything to argue. I still live in the United States. How do we go about getting a divorce and should I hire a lawyer? Is this complicated to where a lawyer is necessary or is this easier than most cases since he's not even here. We are in contact almost everyday since he calls the kids so he's easy to contact and has already agreed.

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You get a divorce by filing for divorce-- if you have been living in Texas for the previous 6 months and your county for 90 days, you can still get a divorce here. If you guys can agree on everything and get an uncontested divorce, it's not going to be as tough as if you were fighting for things. It's entirely possible to do an uncontested divorce yourself.

However, I'd still hire an attorney to draft everything up for you-- what an attorney can draft for an uncontested divorce is far more detailed than the forms you'd be able to find. In addition, they'd be able to answer your questions about international child support.

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