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How do I determine the actual tax amount for Wa State means test?

Redmond, WA |

Do I use the amount withheld from my paycheck every month or is calculated another way? Normally I receive a refund each year because I take out extra to be sure paying enough tax but this year withdrew IRA to try to pay some debt so not sure what tax liability I will have in April 2014.

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On the Means Test, if you need to take the deduction for tax withholding, use the actual amount taken from your check during the previous six months. The amount of your refund is immaterial for this purpose, although there are other considerations if you usually get a large refund check. Hope this perspective helps!


You should use the average monthly amount during the 6 months. Part of your potential refund could be seen as an asset that you may need to exempt from the trustee.

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If you are under withholding then usually they will pick this up. Take your numbers to a bankruptcy attorney for review.