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How do I defend myself from FALSE ACCUSATIONS by another student at university?

Tampa, FL |

A student at my Florida university has filed a "no-contact" order against me without reasonable grounds or provocation. This is an attempt by the other student to discredit me with my peers and damage my reputation with the university.

The administration has not informed me why they concluded issuing this order was justifiable WITHOUT contacting me to explain prior to its issuance or how they investigated -- if at all -- the unknown allegations the other student provided.

ARE THERE ANY remedies that compel/ requires an educational institution to provide me with a detailed report explaining the disciplinary actions it issues? I've been given NO REASON for this action and there was NO INVESTIGATION!

HOW do I defend myself against these FALSE and DISTRESSING accusations?

Thank you!

I have found a similar case where a party successfully sued another for 1.) false light invasion of privacy, 2.) defamation, and 3.) intentional infliction of emotional distress, for making similar claims to their neighbors and community via a "newsletter" that was distributed in their community. Is it possible to sue the other student for the same/ similar? Thank you.

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These are difficult and dangerous circumstances and you need far more and more intensive legal advice than can be properly provided to you here on this site. It is important that you not publish any further factual matter about this situation here or on another public site. If this situation is not effectively managed you can find yourself expelled with many terrible and long-reaching consequences, and you can also find yourself in criminal court defending against very serious charges. Please, do the right thing for yourself. Find a good lawyer and consult privately on all of the critical issues that are framed by these circumstances.

No legal advice here. READ THIS BEFORE you contact me! My responses to questions on Avvo are never intended as legal advice and must not be relied upon as if they were legal advice. I give legal advice ONLY in the course of a formal attorney-client relationship. Exchange of information through Avvo's Questions forum does not establish an attorney-client relationship with me. That relationship is established only by joint execution of a written agreement for legal services. My law firm does not provide free consultations. Please do not call or write to me with a “few questions” that require me to analyze the specific facts of your history and your license application and prescribe for you how to get a State license. Send me an email to schedule a paid Consultation for that kind of information, direction, and assistance. My law firm presently accepts cases involving State and federal licenses and permits; discipline against State and federal licenses; and disciplinary and academic challenges to universities, colleges, boarding schools, and private schools. We take cases of wrongful termination or employment discrimination only if the claims involve peace officers, universities or colleges.



I'm about ready to file a lawsuit and subpoena whatever documents the school is keeping by myself! I can't afford a lawyer at the moment. How about a little more details. Like what information the university is obligated to provide me with, or if I'm due an appeals process -- which the university is denying me! I've been the victim of a series of attempts by this student and their posse of "friends" to damage my reputation in any way possible -- be it with my peers, the faculty, or the university. After all their attempts failed, they coarsened the weakest of their bunch to play the "damsel in distress," saying only that they felt "threatened." You see, there's what they say to the administration and what openly say to everyone else. I hope you understand that I'm under siege! There's no indication that they'll stop here, or if they'll continue to make more false reports. Stopping one won;t be enough, I need to send a message that doing this could cost them what they're trying to take from me! This is anything but a routine "dispute" and far from any "misunderstanding." This is sabotage! I hope you have something more SUBSTANTIAL to offer besides "get a lawyer!" Thank you.

Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall


I don't for a moment consider your problem "routine" or a "misunderstanding." In fact, I think I called it "dangerous." But, that said, you are clearly operating under some very problematic misinformation about the nature of your legal rights and what legal recourse may be available to you. "Filing a lawsuit" only works to solve your problem if it is a lawsuit that will be effective and successful. Now, for your own sake, calm down and take the most critical and powerful action that is available to you: get a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to privately and confidentially identify and evaluate your options and your best moves for legal success. You need MORE than what can be offered here, and you need it to be provided to you within the legal confidentiality of an attorney-client relationship.