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How do I correct points on my license that should never have been there.

New Port Richey, FL |

A year ago I received a careless driving ticket due to an accident. I entered a plea of no contest and received a letter a few days later stating the court finds me guilty of the offense and withholds adjudication. I am ordered to pay $164 within 30 days, which I do the next day. I ask the clerk if anything else needs to be done, told no, and I go on my way. Fast forward 10 months and my company pulls a MVR which states I was convicted of careless driving with 4 points assessed. Due to very stringent insurance guidelines, my job is now in jeopardy. Unless I can correct this, my company will send me packing. No one at the clerk of court is the least bit helpful and I'm gonna lose my mind soon! How do I fix this?

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You always have the right to approach the court regarding any errors in the disposition. This would be a good example of one as a conviction carriers points and effects your job, whereas the withhold has no points.


Generally, a defendant will waive his right to appeal the plea in the plea agreement. A defendant can appeal a plea agreement only if it was entered into involuntarily, unknowingly, or without knowledge of the consequences of the plea. Have a local lawyer in your city investigate.


Contact an attorney in NPR who can help you address the ticket. You are going to need advice in order to expunge your record.

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