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How do I correct a mistake on a tax return?

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I had my taxes prepared for me, and was refered to this company by a friend. This friend then told me an employee who had been doing his taxes for years past had stated to him that this company might get audited for falsifying information on returns in order to get a higher return. Now I am worried that my return is wrong and I am not sure what to do next. How can I correct the mistake if there are any and insure I will get the correct return?

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First - you need to know if the return is correct or not. Read it very carefully, and compare the reported income and expense deductions and credits to your own records. You may want to take the return with your supporting documents to a reputable CPA or tax attoney for a review.
Second, if the return is wrong, you will need to prepare a Form 1040X and file it, with supporting documents such as copies of receipts (keep your originals) proving your changes to your original return are correct.

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You should consult a tax attorney or CPA to help you determine if the filed tax return is incorrect. Then, if its incorrect have the return amended through a Form 1040X. Best of luck!

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