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How do I contest both parents wills? mothers is a forgery. Fathers was done when he diagnosed with dementia. An earlier Will fou

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An earlier will found but not filed by the PR. This PR kept this Will out of Guardianship proceedings as it was never introduced. This youngest sister and husband abscounded to ALL parents real estate and personal property by having demented father sign docs he could not read. Recording docs in county making it look as they were Joint Tenants on parents real property. We have used up our funds and hope the court finds this bogus Will be set aside, along with proof of fathers incapacity at time of last will. We acquired an earlier Will from fathers lawyer. How to proceed with no lawyer to set both wills aside, file the will prior to dementia, and finally petition court per quite title as we are the heirs by law on their Community Property with no right of survivorship property.

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I don't believe you can proceed without counsel. This is a very complicated situation. To refute a will requires evidence and a hearing. Those that absconded may be prosecuted criminally as well as sued in civil court. You may be able to do this based on the facts presented but you need a local attorney to advise you. Good luck!

Please be advised that the foregoing discussion is a generalized and hypothetical answer based upon incomplete facts and is not intended to serve as legal advice to you, nor should you regard it as an attorney-client communication or as creating an attorney-client relationship. If you desire legal advice concerning the situation you have described you should contact an attorney who has substantive experience in the fields pertaining to your question.

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