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How do I collect child support arrears?

Castle Rock, CO |

I was recently granted child support and I am receiving payments via wage garnishments from my ex spouse. The amount owed began to add up as my ex spouse continued to try and fight the child support which in turn became arrearages, so though I now receive support based off of the current amount owed, I was wondering how I go about collecting the amount in arrears.

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You have the arrears automatically converted into a judgment by law and have an attorney go about garnishing, filing liens, and other forms of recovering the money. I know that David Rich out of Boulder does this on a contingency fee basis instead of an hourly fee basis.

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Thanks for the referral mr. Leroi. If the amount is relatively small and new, you should start by asking child support enforcement for help. I step in where the amounts are older and larger as CSE will not collect interest and they are less aggressive in some cases then a private attorney can or will be. But with a small and/or new amount cse is most efficient and if the obligor is in colorado, they have some good sticks, such as drivers license revocation and contempt. I hope this helps.

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Child support becomes a judgment the moment it is due, so it has been earning interest at 12% since it was due. If your support is being paid through child support enforcement, I agree with Mr. Rich about contacting them, because they will likely do the work for you in changing the wage assignment to include that arrearage. If not, you can contact them about opening an account, or you can attempt to do so on your own, or with an attorney. The forms for a wage assignment can be found on the court's webpage (like attached below.) Often, attorneys are willing to help you on a piecemeal basis, so they can reform your forms and make sure you have everything filled out correctly.

Good luck!

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