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How do I clean up a misdemeanor record of parphenalia, solicitation, domestic violence? What steps to I take to seal it?

Marysville, OH |

If I can not seal it or have it expunged is there an amount of time I have to wait or is there a way to keep it out of public view?

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You are going to have problems sealing your criminal record. First, in Ohio, domestic violence under O.R.C. 2919.25 cannot be sealed. Second, unless an exception applies, only those who are first-time offenders are eligible to get their record sealed (applies to misdemeanors and felonies).

I'd advise you to contact a Marysville criminal defense attorney for a consultation. After reviewing your record and looking for an exceptions in Ohio law, they could conclusively advise you whether or not it would be possible to seal your record.

Disclaimer: This does not constitute legal advice. No attorney-client relationship has been formed through this answer.