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How do I choose the right attorney???

Greensburg, PA |

I am looking to hire an attorney and I dont know how to choose them. I know how to read and determine some things from the information I read, but I do not know how to look up the cases an attorney was involved in so I can see the outcome and make a choice that way. Please let me know how to look for cases an attorney has been involved in. Thanks.

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Since you have access to the internet, you could try searching the Court records in the state where the attorney (or potential attorney) practices to get an idea of the outcome of the cases in which that attorney was involved. Such data, however, may not be an accurate indicator of how "good" or competent an attorney actually is.

Otherwise, the type of case for which you need legal representation will determine what type of attorney you will need to retain. Be sure to ask what percentage of the attorney's (or potential attorney's) practice is devoted to the type of case for which you are seeking representation.

Finally, you need to be able to comfortably communicate with the attorney (or potential attorney). If you aren't comfortable talking with an attorney you contact, then contact another one.

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